LIVING – Color brings joy

LIVING – Color brings joy

With the right tone you can create the desired mood in rooms. Thanks to less tricks, they are even bigger or smaller.

Colors in your own four walls: They can be refreshing or calming, cheerful or, if you make a wrong choice, can also oppress you. Surveys show that many people do not dare to look at colors and prefer to leave the apartment or house in the classic white of the interior. Which color is well suited in which rooms here is an overview.

Violet is considered a rather solemn sound, which is therefore well suited for reception rooms. In dark corridors, on the other hand, you should be more careful with this color. Here are more light, pastel tones. An example of this is a gray combined with white.

Something lively may like it in the living room and in the dining area. Therefore, we recommend a cheerful yellow, which can be combined with green or lighter tones. But also earthy shades are very popular for these rooms.

Set targeted accents
The examples show that colors can be deliberately set accents and moods. Basically, it should be remembered that small rooms seem lighter and larger through bright tones, while uncomfortable rooms become cozy and cozy thanks to darker tones.
And you should not only follow personal preferences when choosing a color, but also always remember which function and architecture has a room. In addition, it is advisable to match the color scheme to a specific image, a carpet or your favorite sofa.

Classic variant: broken white
And if you prefer classic, but not boring, a broken, slightly tinted white could be a good alternative. Because warm and slightly yellowish tones reflect incidental daylight, which has a decisive influence on the appearance of each color, best.

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