LIFESTYLE – MARBELLA – Eva Longoria, a kiss with her signature in the Marbella honor book

LIFESTYLE – MARBELLA – Eva Longoria, a kiss with her signature in the Marbella honor book

Eva Longoria, a kiss with her signature in the Marbella honor book

The American actress Eva Longoria has met this Friday with the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, and has signed in the Marbella honor book, where she has also stamped a kiss with red lipstick.

The protagonist of the Desperate Housewives series, who has posed with her son for the cameras at the gates of the town hall and has greeted the tourists with whom she has passed through the narrow streets of the old town, has confessed that whenever travels to Marbella thinks of staying to live there, “not in Spain, in Marbella“.

Eva Longoria has been “very grateful” for the work that the Global Gift Foundation carries out from “love and compassion” to support sick children, which is “growing every year and helping more children and their families”, what which he has described as “impressive because there are not many entities that do this work”.

She also thanked the “kind” attention that she receives each year from the Marbella press and has underlined the importance of the media in disseminating the foundation’s activities, not only in Spain, but throughout the world. world.

Along with Longoria, the actresses and philanthropists Maria Bravo and Alina Peralta also participated in the meeting with the Marbella councilor and signed the honorary book. The Marbella councilor has emphasized the role played by both Longoria and Bravo and Peralta as promoters of a great philanthropic project” that includes treatments “unique in Andalusia” and from which several hundred families benefit.

Muñoz has welcomed the American actress to Marbella, “where you have your home”, he has assured her, and has invited her to “many occasions to share moments not only around her humanitarian work but from her day to day. day”.

After the meeting at the Town Hall, the entourage walked through the streets of Marbella, stopped in front of some shop windows and even entered a souvenir shop where both Eva and Alina bought two polka dot fans to combat the high temperatures of a hot July morning.

The American actress -accompanied by her husband, José Antonio Bastón, and her four-year-old son Santiago-, is currently on the Costa del Sol to attend the Global Gift charity gala 2022 that she has been organizing for ten years his friend and godmother of his son, Maria Bravo.

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