EVENT – MARBELLA WOHNEN – Marbella Feria 2024

EVENT – MARBELLA WOHNEN – Marbella Feria 2024

Marbella Feria 2024

Festivities of San Bernabe

Every year, the city of Marbella comes alive with colour and life with the celebration of the Fiestas de San Bernabé, an exciting event that attracts thousands of people from all over the region. This festival, which takes place in June, is a unique opportunity to enjoy the city’s rich culture and tradition, along with a wide variety of exciting activities and events.

The Marbella Feria is held every June in honor of San Bernabé, patron saint of the city and is a must if you are in Marbella.

“These festivities commemorate the reconquest of Marbella by the Catholic Monarchs in 1485. This week both tourists and citizens enjoy all the charm of the traditional and colorful Andalusian festivities.”

The Fiestas de San Bernabé also offer a unique opportunity to enjoy Marbella’s rich culture and tradition. Visitors can take part in processions and solemn masses, as well as cultural activities such as art exhibitions, classical music concerts and theatre and dance performances.

This year 2024, the San Bernabé Feria and Festivals returns in Marbella.

The big day of the Marbella Feria is celebrated on June 11, the Day of San Bernabé, patron saint of the city. The celebration and different acts extend approximately for about 6 days that can vary depending on the day of the week on which June 11 falls.

In 2024, the Marbella Feria runs from Wednesday, June 5th to Tuesday, June 11th, the big day being June 11, San Bernabé.

However, the trigger for the festivities is the Romería de San Bernabé that takes place the day before or the Sunday before the week of celebrations.

Although there are different acts and activities that take place in different locations in the municipality, there are two main locations for the celebration of the Festivity of San Bernabé in the town:

Day Feria space

Music and dance are central to the Fiestas de San Bernabé. Visitors can enjoy live concerts of different musical genres, from traditional Andalusian music to contemporary music. In addition, dance academies in the region offer spectacular performances of flamenco dance and other styles.

The fair is another of the most popular aspects of the San Bernabé Festival. Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of mechanical attractions, games and recreational activities for all tastes and ages. In addition, the fair has a wide variety of food and drink stalls where you can taste delicious typical dishes from the region.

The area of the Day Fair finds its main entrance in the Parque de la Alameda, reaching the Paseo Marítimo through Avenida del Mar, flanked by Avenida Miguel Cano and Avenida Puerta del Mar.

Feria ground at night


The new space of almost 40,000 square meters for the night fairgrounds for the San Bernabé Feria and festivities is located below the AP-7, between the Luis Teruel soccer field and Arroyo Segundo, close to the underpass to get to the C.C. La Cañada

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