MARBELLA – LIFESTYLE – San Pedro Alcántara Fair – 2018

MARBELLA – LIFESTYLE – San Pedro Alcántara Fair – 2018

San Pedro Alcántara Fair will take place from 16 – 21 October, 2018 and there will be a lot of great events

On these dates the Fair and Festivities of San Pedro Alcántara 2018 returns. There will be a total of 6 days of fun, music, good atmosphere and a lot of surprises that will accompany us. Do you accompany us too?

From October 16 to October 21 will be held the San Pedro Fair 2018. Some parties that will start on Tuesday October 16 with the parade of giants and big heads, fireworks castle and the proclamation of the singer La Negra Mayte (Mayte Martínez ).

On Wednesday it will be Children’s Day at the San Pedro Alcántara Fair, with popular prices at the mechanic attractions of the Fairground.

Among the most outstanding performances of this fair are those of the Niña Pastori, David de María and Efecto Pasillo. All these concerts are from 23:30 and free admission. But in addition to this there is much more in the programming of the San Pedro Alcántara Fair 2018. Do we see it?


Fair Program of San Pedro Alcántara 2018

Tuesday 16 October

07:00 p.m.: “Giants and big-headeds” parade.

09:30 p.m.: Fireworks at Salida Beach.

10.00 p.m.: Inauguration of the fairground.

Wednesday 17 October

05.00 p.m.: Concert in the “Centro de Participación Activa San Pedro Alcántara I y II” of  “Pepito El Caja”.

05.00 p.m.:  Great Children’s Party in the “Caseta Municipal”.

06.00 p.m.:  Children’s Day, with popular prices on the attractions.

Thursday  18 October

05.00 p.m.: The Grand Parade of Fair. 

07.00 p.m.: Concert in the “Caseta Municipal” of  “Efecto Pasillo”. Free entrance.

Friday 19 October

09.00 a.m.: Eucharist in the Parish of San Pedro de Alcántara.

11.00 a.m.: Solemn Mass in the Parish in honor of San Pedro de Alcántara.

12.30 p.m.: Procession of San Pedro de Alcántara.

01.00 p.m.: Opening of the different “Casetas”.

11.30 p.m.: Concert in the “Caseta Municipal” of  “David De María”. Free entrance.




Saturday 20 October

05.00 p.m.: Concert in the “Caseta Municipal” of  “JOANNA JIMÉNEZ” . Free entrance.

11.30 p.m.: Concert in the “Caseta Municipal” of  “NIÑA PASTORI”. Free entrance.







Sunday 21 October

12.00 p.m.: Dance schools contest in the “Caseta Municipal”.

07.00 p.m.: Concert in the “Caseta Municipal” of  “ROCKINGER Z”, “DEVILS IN THE SKY” y “FURIA FALCONETI”. Free entrance.


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