LIFESTYLE – From the boat to Nikki Beach

LIFESTYLE – From the boat to Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach Club Marbella offers a boat transfer for those arriving by boat.

The beach clubs of Nikki Beach in Marbella, Mallorca and Ibiza are luxurious spaces. Nothing is unattainable to satisfy the customer, from massages to valet service to pick-up by boat, the newest member of the Puerto Banús Club. It is the most exclusive way to get to the beach of the club.

A small boat from Nikki  Beach picks up clients on their yachts or in nearby hotels or villas to bring them to the Beach Club during opening hours at any time of the day. This service guarantees a privileged treatment as it gives absolute discretion to the VIPs who visit the embassies. During the voyage, the captain will ensure that customers receive all the information about Nikki Beach Service and tell th em that they will meet on that special day.

Boat pick-up service

The boat pick-up service can be booked or rented in advance, with an average waiting time of 10 to 15 minutes from the time of the call. “Above all, our customers value our speed and effectiveness because they demand service,” says the captain of Nikki Beach Mallorca.

Between 30% and 40% of the people who arrive at the embassies of Nikki Beach in Spain do so from their yacht, fruit of the beautiful coasts and waters that bathe the Costa del Sol and the Balearic Islands, as well as consecrated destinations of maritime tourism. This corresponds to an average of 600 to 800 boats per season (varies according to embassy), among which t

he arrival of luxury yachts has increased, approaching the levels of Porto Cervo and Saint-Tropez.

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