REAL ESTATE – INVESTMENT – MARBELLA WOHNEN – The best investments against inflation

REAL ESTATE – INVESTMENT – MARBELLA WOHNEN – The best investments against inflation

The best investments against inflation

The desire to change houses among citizens is consolidated at very high levels. The reasons that encourage this change are very varied, but among the main ones, the purchase for investment begins to stand out.

The accumulated savings have found themselves in a scenario of economic uncertainty and a context of high inflation, which has placed the real estate sector as a refuge value and as an investment to protect against rising prices.

Spain is a country with a historical tradition of owners, where housing is one of the main assets through which individuals channel their savings. According to data from the Bank of Spain, the real estate assets of households today stand at approximately 5.78 billion euros.

However, in the midst of a scenario of uncertainty such as the current one, marked by a growing level of inflation, high energy prices, a war like the one in Russia and Ukraine, and possible increases in interest rates in the coming months, It is normal to wonder if housing is still a good option to invest in or if it is worth waiting.

To do this, we are going to explain what a refuge value is and its importance in keeping our savings safe.

When does a shelter value become vital?

Since the refuge value is what allows us to protect our assets from market fluctuations, it becomes particularly important when the following situations arise:

  • Recession
  • Inflation
  • Strong tendency of investors to take refuge in a certain value.

Why housing as a value, refuge and not other assets?

Housing becomes “a refuge value” in the face of the rise of inflation.

Real estate has positioned itself as the favorite asset due to the fact that other traditional values, such as the financial one, are going through a moment of high volatility, which is no longer reliable if what we seek is to preserve the value of our assets.

On the other hand, housing as an investment is capable of absorbing the impact of inflation and enveloping it as if it were a wave. In addition to being a refuge value in its quality of habitual residence.

In other words, between acquiring a ten-year bond, which would give us an approximate return of 1.5%, and buying a home to rent, the latter option will clearly be much more convenient for us. And this is precisely what we mean when we talk about shelter value.

If you want to invest in housing, the best thing is that you have professionals in real estate investments

How to stay up to date on real estate investment?

As with anything, the magic formula doesn’t exist. But the best way is to find out about real estate investments and nothing better than contacting us.

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