INVESTMENT – MARBELLA WOHNEN – Málaga Urbania towers

INVESTMENT – MARBELLA WOHNEN – Málaga Urbania towers

Urbania is left alone in the auction for the great towers of Malaga in Repsol

It is the only one of the five companies that bid for the land that maintains its offer. It has Toyo Ito, BIG and Morph for the design of the towers.

The project of the only company that goes ahead with the purchase of the old Repsol land estimates the execution cost at around 180 million.

Malaga’s town hall

If Urbania’s offer for the purchase of the Malaga towers on the former Repsol land is successful, the architectural value of the final project is assured. BIG, Toyo Ito and Morph are the studios that created the designs for the three high-rise buildings and the large plinth for commercial and tertiary use projected in the sector.

World-class firms that put their stamp on an urban operation that, if carried out, will require an investment of close to 180 million euros. Of the sum, the construction of the three towers of 32, 30 and 28 floors, with capacity for up to 528 homes, will require about 100 million.

Another 40 million will go to the development of the sector, including the park of 71,500 square meters, an underground car park and the partial renovation of the perimeter streets of the sector. And a similar amount could be needed for the large commercial and office base.

The images that have come out so far as part of Urbania’s proposal for what is called to be one of the major residential operations in the capital of the Costa del Sol highlight the spectacular nature of the initiative.

The tallest of the towers still owned by the Malaga City Council (in the planning there is a slightly higher one, assigned to Sareb), with 32 levels, is the work of the Danish studio BIG, Bjarke Ingels Group, known throughout the world for, among others, his design for Tower 2 of the World Trade Center in New York.

But he has also been responsible for Oceanix Busan, in South Korea, considered the world’s first floating city prepared for climate change, and has collaborated with NASA, through Icon, a 3D printing company, for the Lunar Lantern project. , for the construction of modular buildings on the Moon.

The concept proposed by BIG for this residential property, with capacity for 190 homes, is that of villas arranged vertically. To this end, he enlarges the footprint of the building on the upper floors, where double-height terraces are set up with lush vegetation.

The firm of Toyo Ito, who was awarded the Pritzker prize in 2013, is on the design of the 28-story building, also for residential use, with a maximum of 164 floors. It is the result of collaboration with the B720 studio, led by Fermín Vázquez, professor. In the same way three cubic volumes that expand regularly in height arise. Each of them is traversed by crevices of vegetation with its own ecosystem.

The building, which represents Mediterranean values, locates the largest homes on the upper floors and proposes what could be the largest cover of photovoltaic solar panels, to produce electricity, in a residential building in southern Europe.

The commission from the Madrid studio Morph, led by César Frías, includes the 30-story residential tower (P3), with a capacity for 174 homes, which imitates the ceiba, a tree that expands and twists organically. , generating an attractive curved shape.

The tower functions as a plant structure that is fed by the sun through solar panels, stores rainwater and flowers depending on the seasons, giving rise to a play of colors.

This same study, already known in Malaga for the Martiricos towers, carried out the large commercial building, in the form of a plinth with four floors, which has been baptized with the name of Hedera, the botanical species popularly known as ivy, and completes the approach plant of the complex under the same principles.

One of the particularities of the Urbania design is that the green areas will be introduced into the complex through the unoccupied parts of the ground floor. Additionally, the plant cover on the buildings expands, both vertically and horizontally, so that it will be as if nature entered the building.

  • Urbania is left alone in the auction for the great towers of Malaga in Repsol
  • Opportunity for investors: Malaga offers land for three large towers for sale
  • Investment of 37 million in a 15-story tower for a hotel or offices and 108 floors in Malaga

Advantages of investing in property

  • It is an investment with a long time horizon and high profitability expectations.
  • In the event that it is dedicated to rent, a home provides stable liquidity to the owner.
  • It helps to diversify the investments of a saver.
  • It is an asset that protects against inflation, given that in times of price increases, it is common for the real estate market to also rise.
  • Increases the owner’s equity that maintains its value over time.

In any case, when making the decision to invest in housing, the professional advice of an expert is key, such as the real estate professional, who guides the buyer and resolves all the doubts that may arise throughout the process. Do you want an expert to advise you without any commitment? Let yourself be advised by a specialist.

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