MALAGA – EVENT – Feria de Málaga 2022

MALAGA – EVENT – Feria de Málaga 2022

Feria de Málaga 2022

The Feria de Malaga returns after two years in which the pandemic has made it impossible for these great traditional festivals in the city to be held.

The Feria de Málaga 2022 officially starts with fireworks at midnight. This time with new drone show before the fireworks

It will be held from August 13 to 20.

After three years of waiting, the city will live from today eight intense days of celebrations in the Center, the Real and La Malagueta with the forecast of thousands of visitors

The desire to party floods Malaga again on the first day of the Fair

With more desire to party than ever”. This is how this first day of the Feria de Malaga begins. After two years, Malaga dusts off the lanterns and the city center opens up to dance and enjoyment to celebrate its big week.

The people of Malaga and tourists who are in the city have once again satiated the desire for party and fun generated by the Feria de Malaga, an expected festive event that has not been felt in the streets since 2019, due to the fact that it was suspended for two years by the covid.

At twelve noon, the Feria de Malaga was inaugurated in the center of the city and it was already difficult to walk along the central Calle Marqués de Larios, whose fair entrance, decoration and influx of public made one guess that the Fair, which will last until on August 20, it had just begun.

Not even the suffocating heat felt in Malaga this weekend has managed to stop the desire to enjoy this long-awaited fair. “This first day we lived very hot but very happy to be here”, commented some of the visitors. Throughout this first day there have been many live music concerts, festivals of verdiales and popular folklore from Malaga, and the queen of all fairs has been present, flamenco, which has aroused passions and made people dance more than one.

The square has remained full throughout the afternoon where tourists and locals have intermingled to enjoy the festivities. People from all over Spain and even beyond its borders come to let themselves be carried away by the will of the Fair.

The Feria de Malaga kicked off this Friday night and there are those who have already dusted off the flyers and polka dots from the closet. Many say that the flamenco dress is one of the most favored regional garments in the world and that flamenco fashion is one of the most updated from one year to the next. “In Andalusia we are very lucky to have the flamenco dress and the world is realizing it, you just have to see how from Christian Dior chose Seville for their parade.

Two years without a fair have made many women choose to go these days to flamenco fashion stores in search of a brand new look next week according to the trends that reign this year.

Desire for the feria: great atmosphere in the return of the Feria to the Center of Malaga despite the heat

The city lives the first hours of the great festival of August with enthusiasm to resume the tradition on a Saturday of high temperatures

Since last midnight, Malaga is already at the fair. Long-awaited festivities, where the city will live eight intense days (from August 13 to Saturday 20 of this month) in the three big stages where the scheduled activities take place: the Center, where the party is lived on the street, with special prominence in its squares (those of Obispo, Constitución, Flores and San Pedro Alcántara with live music, and in La Merced, with the fair for children) and in the bars, restaurants and pubs, as well as in the Peña Juan Breva ; the real Cortijo de Torres.

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