MARBELLA WOHNEN – HOME CINEMA – Design and Installation

MARBELLA WOHNEN – HOME CINEMA – Design and Installation



Imagine having your own luxury home cinema!

Visit the showrooms to experience the latest technology and design in cinema systems. It will help you understand and design your future dream room.

The showrooms are equipped with high-end brands and the latest technology on the market: 4k projection systems, Dolby Atmos surround sound systems, panoramic screens…

We specialize in custom home theater design and always ensure customer satisfaction. With 30 years of experience we can advise you on the best solutions for your project.

Leave the project in the hands of professionals and be part of it at all times. We work with the best manufacturers and with the guidance of our attentive team, you can personalize your home theater with the wide range of selection from the best brands for all budgets.


Once the style and budget have been decided, the team of designers will integrate the acoustics and layout of the room to maximize the performance of the high-end systems.

We will then visit your property to study the possibilities of the site and your requirements, this allows us to ensure that all aspects are taken into account. We take your requests very seriously and pay close attention to the final result.

We customize your future room and provide detailed AutoCAD plans, we also have 3D designs if requested.

We strive to make your experience with the project as personalized as possible.



We want you to visualize your project before you even build!

If requested, our team can work alongside our 3D artists to bring every detail to life.

Once furniture, colors and other elements have been selected, they are implemented into our design to give clients a clear vision of their future projects.

3D design is important to ensure that any changes are made virtually. This will save a lot of money and headaches during the construction phase.


The most exciting phase is when installations begin, as the project will finally come to life. Be part of the entire installation process, from construction/renovation work to final details.

The friendly team will ensure that the final project reflects the initial vision.

Now you will have the perfect leisure room to enjoy with your family and friends.



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