LIFESTYLE – Mijas Pueblo a typical Andalusian village

LIFESTYLE – Mijas Pueblo a typical Andalusian village

Mijas Pueblo, preferred destination of a large number of tourists each year

Mijas Pueblo on the Costa del Sol is one of the most beautiful towns in Andalusia, a town nestled in the mountains that keeps the typical charm of the Andalusian white villages

In Mijas Pueblo we will find small typical Andalusian houses, painted white and located on the hillside. Mijas is a town that will bring us endless pleasant experiences to our senses, both for sight and taste, since we can enjoy an excellent typical gastronomy of the place.

In Mijas Pueblo we will also meet the popular donkey-taxis, near the central square.

Also, if we are walking through Mijas and we want some memory of the town, the work in linen and wicker abounds, as well as the good quality of the honey and the bread they make, it is worth trying them.

During the high season, tourists from all over the coast visit the town. The higher you go up the mountain you will find that the streets give way to flights of stairs and the prices go down in the cafes, restaurants, and bars.

Tourism in Mijas Pueblo

Mijas Pueblo offers a large number of tourist attractions that we can visit, throughout the year many festivals are held, many of them during the summer in the open air

During the high season Mijas is visited by numerous tourists from all over Europe and the Japanese with their cameras.

The best transport to see Mijas Pueblo


The best transport to see Mijas Pueblo is on foot, so we can walk through its streets and alleys that are sometimes only accessible on foot. Exploring the steep streets of Mijas alone on foot can be exhausting. In this case we can use Los Burro Taxis or the electric tuk tuk

If you arrive by car, in the city center you can find a spacious parking lot.

Mijas Pueblo also from another point of view

Panoramic tour of the town of Mijas by electric tuk tuk

Exploring the steep streets of Mijas on foot can be exhausting, especially in the heat of summer. Swap the climb for your own private chauffeured electric tuk-tuk and cruise effortlessly through the sights and landscapes. See the medieval walls, the church, and other landmarks; stop for photos wherever you want and glide to a lookout to gaze out over the whitewashed city and coastline. Each tuk-tuk seats six.

About Tuk Tuk Spain

Tuk Tuk Spain offers guided tours of Mijas in 100% electric recreational vehicles. The Tuk Tuk is silent, clean and 100% ecological and allows you to see Mijas from another point of view. You can choose between three different routes that last between 25 – 45 minutes, but you can also tailor a route to suit you. Tuk Tuk Spain is next to the Carromato de Max miniature museum, just 150 meters from the tourist office and 200 meters from the Mijas Pueblo bus / taxi stop.

Points of interest

The Hermitage Virgen de la Peña

The Virgen de la Peña de Mijas Hermitage, in the province of Malaga, is a beautiful chapel carved out of the rock in the 17th century by some Carmelite monks

Gardens and viewpoint of the Wall

At the top of a small hill to the south of the town of Mijas, dominating the entire town and the coast, are the ruins of the Castillo de la Muralla. We can visit the Gardens and viewpoint of the Mijas Wall to enjoy beautiful views of the Mediterranean

Burro Taxis

In Mijas, the real protagonist is the donkey. So much so, that in recent years the image of this municipality has been inextricably associated with that of these docile animals that walk quietly through the town, the so-called Burro taxi

The donkey taxi more than a means of transport is a tourist attraction that appeared in 1950. It is still preserved today, oriented to tourism. In the past, the workers who returned home by donkey were required by tourists to take pictures with them or take a walk, with tips that exceeded their monthly salary, which is why it emerged as a trade.

How to go from Malaga airport to Mijas

Mijas is the preferred destination of many tourists who travel to the Costa del Sol, and since Malaga airport is the place of entry, it is worth talking a little about transport from the airport to Mijas, since we have different options:

  • Taking a bus from Malaga airport to Mijas may not be the most convenient mode of transportation if you have a lot of luggage or if you have never made the trip before.
  • You can take a taxi to Mijas from Malaga airport, but the price would be exorbitant, being cheaper to rent a car for a whole week.
  • There is currently no train link with Mijas, although you could stop in Fuengirola to catch the bus there.
  • Renting a car at Malaga airport may be the cheapest and most recommended option, especially if you are traveling with a group of people or are planning to move around.
  • Private taxis or minibuses from Malaga airport to Mijas are a fast and efficient mode of transportation if you don’t need to rent a car and are traveling with a large group of people.

Read on to find out how to get to Mijas from Malaga airport, it could be helpful if you are looking for a road route or learn a little more about the transport options.

The official website of Mijas is:

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