Advantages of selling your apartment with an exclusive Realtor

When asking an owner if he prefers to give the sale of his home to a real estate agency exclusively, the answer is usually negative, something similar to “I prefer to give the apartment to several real estate agencies, so I will have more opportunities.” However, our experience leads us to believe that it is not. Today we explain 5 advantages of selling your apartment with an exclusive Realtor:


  • If the apartment is sold by several real estate agencies, it may happen that one of them makes a great effort to sell your home, but that finally another appears with an offer at the last minute and it is that one who definitely sells it. This, in the long run, makes real estate companies disincentive with this type of housing. Therefore, they will end up making less effort to sell these homes and will focus all their means on selling those that they have exclusively. If they have it exclusively, they will invest all their effort in selling it, since there is no risk that the result of the work will be for someone else. Remember that nowadays, relaxing is a luxury that no real estate agency can afford, since if the sale operation is not formalized, they will not make a profit.


  • The most important thing when selecting a real estate agency is that it is serious and trustworthy, you have to choose the most professional of all. Since it is something important and there can be no flaws in the sales process.


  • Non-exclusive flats are published hiding their address so as not to give clues to the rest of the real estate agencies. This is something that buyers do not like, who want to know from the first moment where the apartment is located. In addition, in real estate portals, the fact that a flat that does not have an exact address means that it is not positioned in the same way as if it did, therefore … It will take longer to sell! In short, if the apartment is exclusively owned by a real estate agency, it can be better advertised and the beneficiary will be you. Real estate companies have different marketing tools to promote certain properties (highlights, virtual visits, professional videos …), it is logical that these tools are only used in homes with exclusives.


  • It is important to have only one interlocutor, since the sale of a home is sometimes a long and difficult process. It is necessary to have an advisor to guide you, so working with several can lead to confusion, since if you depend on what several agents tell you, it is very likely that you will make the wrong decisions.


  • A term of duration. It is necessary that said exclusive contract has a term of duration, so our recommendation is a short term, but NOT LESS THAN SIX MONTHS. It is true that a good professional can sell it much faster, but you have to give it a minimum of time.


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