REAL ESTATE – MARBELLA – Technical advice before purchasing a home in Spain

REAL ESTATE – MARBELLA – Technical advice before purchasing a home in Spain

Technical advice before purchasing a home

Should we carry out technical advice before buying our home?

Faced with the illusion of buying our home, we believe that all the reforms are viable and that all the walls can be removed or moved, in addition, that the property has no weak points. But it certainly is not.

The usual procedure is to acquire the home and shortly after, ask for advice for the reform. And now, will I be able to carry out those works in the back part of the garden? Can I go from three to two rooms?

Questions and more questions that, with good technical advice prior to the purchase, could have been resolved. And now that it is ours, it is perhaps too late …

It is here, where we make the difference: our bet is to give you advice prior to the purchase.

With our advice, you will have more arguments in the final negotiation with the selling party, since in turn, we can offer you technical advice in the appraisal section.

In this way, it will have an inspection of the state of the house, the detection of the elements that must be repaired and its real possibilities for reform.

With this report, we can jointly design your new home. We believe that it is the best way to guarantee your investment and avoid extremely expensive mistakes.

Talking with the municipal authorities before the purchase is one of the most important meetings for us. That many times, with the rush and the illusion, many buyers overlook and that is where we must emphasize, and give the client, the real and future vision of their next acquisition, whatever it may be.

By going to the municipal technical services, they will be the ones who will decree us the urban key and will also be able to facilitate the times of obtaining permits in case of future works, amount of licenses, etc.

In other posts, we at Mabella WOHNEN Immobilien already have talked about the changes in use, their pros and cons and we believe that taking a look at it again would be of great use to us in the event that the purchase involves precisely some change.

There are already many clients who come to us to ask for such advice and in some cases, our collaboration has meant not hurting money in the purchase of a place with no real option to convert into a home.

We are a highly qualified real estate agent in Marbella specialized in providing the best customer service and defending their interests

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