REAL ESTATE – MARBELLA WOHNEN – Advantages of having a luxury penthouse in Marbella

REAL ESTATE – MARBELLA WOHNEN – Advantages of having a luxury penthouse in Marbella

Advantages of having a luxury penthouse in Marbella

Living in a city embraced by the Mediterranean Sea and enjoying the sun for 320 days a year is a luxury, but if you add the views from above, this luxury doubles. All this can only be possible in one place, in the cosmopolitan city of Marbella.

The quality of life offered by the areas of Marbella is unique and without a doubt, it is a luxury that few can access. From its Golden Mile to its incredible golf courses, living in Marbella is the desire of many people who seek the privacy and relaxation of sleeping by the sea.

If you are also looking for that exclusivity, you may be interested in experiencing it from above. Yes, from the heights of a luxury penthouse in Marbella. We can’t think of a better place than a penthouse to enjoy views of the Mediterranean and a firmament of stars. Do you know the advantages of buying a luxury penthouse in Marbella? Stay to read them.


The higher the height of the home, normally, we find greater exclusivity. The exclusivity of the height of the penthouses lies in their views and the privacy they provide.

The authentic luxury penthouses in Marbella are those in which the windows blend with the Mediterranean coast. The landscape that you can see from above is the true luxury of these homes and of Marbella.


The views of a penthouse are always impressive, but for those views to really be at the level of a luxury penthouse in Marbella, its location is essential.

The luxury of living in Marbella lies in being on the Costa del Sol, and that means the sea. If you are thinking of buying a luxury penthouse in Marbella, our recommendation is that it be located next to the beach, so you can enjoy unparalleled views. Because being in your living room while you see the horizon of the Mediterranean only happens in few places, and luckily, Marbella is one of them.


The good thing about luxury penthouses is that they usually have a huge amount of square meters and that means spectacular terraces.

The climate that characterizes Marbella encourages us to spend time in the outdoor areas of our homes, so the terraces of the Marbella penthouses, apart from being beautiful and cozy, are ideal for this. The Mediterranean area suggests comfortable and warm decorations with sofas and hammocks in which to enjoy the last hours of the day watching the sun go down.


Having 320 annual days of sunshine makes Marbella the ideal place to take advantage of vitamin D. Without the need to leave home, the luxury penthouses in Marbella already have a solarium area and showers to cool off.


Infinity pools are wonderful in any garden, but can you imagine them high up? The fact that your home is located on the top floor already makes it privileged due to the privacy you have, but in addition, some penthouses in Marbella include an infinity pool where you can enjoy the views of the city while you bathe or swim peacefully.


Cooking is a relaxing ritual. Now imagine being able to cook a barbecue outdoors for a meal with family or friends.

Cooking with the city at your feet is another luxury that you can enjoy on the beautiful terraces of the Marbella penthouses. A while in the pool or jacuzzi and then straight to enjoy that barbecue.


It is increasingly common for luxury homes to have a private cinema room. In the case of luxury penthouses, it is something that can be integrated directly into the exterior of the terrace. Summer cinema is an option to enjoy summer nights at home with the whole family.


Homes located on the upper parts of buildings have a greater amount of ventilation and sunlight. The privileged location of the penthouses in Marbella does not require as much artificial lighting as other homes. Natural light is a luxury in a home, since in addition to providing greater warmth, it has numerous benefits for the people who live in them, such as improving mood.


All these advantages have the common denominator in our Dunique Marbella residential project

In Marbella you will find luxury penthouses on the beachfront. Residences where you can enjoy the warmth and whisper of the Mediterranean waves while you enjoy a bath on your terrace, read in the solarium or enjoy a chat in the jacuzzi.

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