REAL ESTATE – MARBELLA WOHNEN – Dolce & Gabbana arrives in Marbella with luxury homes

REAL ESTATE – MARBELLA WOHNEN – Dolce & Gabbana arrives in Marbella with luxury homes


Dolce & Gabbana arrives in Marbella with luxury homes

Dolce&Gabbana makes its first residential foray and has chosen Marbella to carry out its first project that will comprise 92 homes of impeccable architecture and luxury.

How the collaboration between Dolce&Gabbana and Sierra Blanca Estates redefines the meaning of branded residential projects in the luxury market.

Before and after last September 8, Marbella was bustling with interest and expectation before one of the most notable events on its calendar. The creative universe of Dolce&Gabbana landed in the municipality of the Costa del Sol, and it did not do so precisely to dress a catwalk in fashion. On this occasion, and for the first time in its history, the Italian firm would present in society; Design Hills Dolce&Gabbana Marbella, its first residential project in Europe.

The new residential landmark developed by Sierra Blanca Estates together with the fashion brand, will have 90 large-format apartments – we are talking about up to 900m2 of interior space, plus private terraces of up to 1,000m2, in the case of the largest penthouse – that will be They will extend along half a kilometer of hillside, in the heart of Marbella’s Golden Mile, drawing an impressive panoramic view of the Mediterranean coast of southern Spain.

Since the presentation party at the emblematic La Cabane beach club in Marbella at the beginning of September, an event that brought together many of the priority clients of Dolce&Gabbana and Sierra Blanca Estates among the more than 500 guests, a total of 29 units have already been made official. reserved properties – including one of the largest penthouses in the development – in many cases establishing new records for the price achieved in a municipality like Marbella.

The expectation about this project and the brand behind it has been total. Some buyers are very proud to be among the first. They are excited by the prospect – and the potential for revaluation – of investing in a project with this degree of exclusivity as far as the branded luxury residences market is concerned. These, along with a recently launched project in Miami and a future hotel in the Maldives, already announced, are the only Dolce&Gabbana brand properties in the world.

Other future and potential buyers, also admirers of the brand, see in the participation of Dolce&Gabbana, in a project of these characteristics, a seal of quality that will guarantee that the properties maintain their value, and increase it, over time. “We are very up to date with what luxury fashion brands do, we are big consumers of them,” comments a buyer from Barcelona, consulted during the event, who already plans to move with his family to Marbella in the future, and hopes May your Dolce&Gabbana designed apartment be your home for years to come. In his opinion, this development “will be the most impressive ever built in Europe, with unmatched quality and designed under the close supervision of Dolce & Gabbana.”

Confidence among international buyers also lies in the not inconsiderable fact that Design Hills Dolce&Gabbana Marbella, beyond the DNA of the Italian brand, will also welcome a new standard and level of excellence in design, services and lifestyle never seen before. Marbella. “Finally, a project that meets all my requirements,” commented one British buyer, convinced by the prospect of having a new 500m2 house, on one floor and with immediate access to the best services, amenities and shared areas ever found. have designed a residential project.

This vocation for innovation in service, the absolute commitment to the overall quality of the project at an architectural, construction and design level, and the choice of the best possible locations adapted to the demands and aspirations of a brand is what defines the line. dividing line between an authentic luxury branding project, one that seduces the brand for what it represents and involves it to give it life, and others whose intention does not go beyond the use of a well-known and recognized name on a plaque at the entrance of the same.

And although branded residential projects are one of the fastest growing areas within the luxury real estate market around the world, their developments vary enormously in terms of the degree of real involvement of the brand and its relationship with the project promoter. A project with these “faceless” characteristics contributes little to the experience, investment and confidence of future buyers.

A clear example of this is how, during the presentation of Design Hills, Domenico Dolce, half of the world-famous designer duo and personally involved in the design and direction of every detail of the project from day one, was present to chat with potential buyers along with the Rodríguez family. A moment of communion between two companies; Sierra Blanca Estates and Dolce&Gabbana, which made tangible to their future buyers (and more exclusive established clients from around the world), the enormous degree of commitment and authenticity behind this project.

In the words of Alfonso Dolce, CEO of Dolce&Gabbana, in addition to the reputation of a developer that has been developing extraordinary homes since 1985 with a very bold vision of innovation in the market, “there are two ingredients that brought us together with Sierra Blanca Estates in a project like Design Hills. The first is the value that both companies give to the family, and the second, the passion with which that character leads us to do what we do.”

This closeness between creator and promoter became visible in an event format where future owners and those interested in the project could see the plans of the different types of homes, touch with their own hands the various types of marble and quality materials, as well as directly asking the fashion design figure about his involvement and feelings about the project. An experience of contact, of union with the brand, that starts from the announcement of the project (when this is nothing more than a beautiful model) and that will increase until it is personalized in detail when the keys to these exclusive homes are handed over. A fact that is already perceived and appreciated at almost the same value as the property itself, by investors.

«I feel complete peace of mind with a brand like Sierra Blanca Estates, which has many years of experience, the best location on the Golden Mile of Marbella and with the highest level and self-demand of Dolce&Gabbana quality of design and finishes. I have complete confidence that this combination of brands will result in great success,” says another of the lucky future owners of Dolce&Gabbana’s first residential project in Europe with a broad smile.


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