REAL ESTATE – MARBELLA WOHNEN – Property of the month April 2023 – Stunning modern luxury villa in Cascada de Camojan, one of the most coveted areas of Marbella’s Golden Mile

REAL ESTATE – MARBELLA WOHNEN – Property of the month April 2023 – Stunning modern luxury villa in Cascada de Camojan, one of the most coveted areas of Marbella’s Golden Mile

Welcome to a stunning modern luxury villa in Cascada de Camojan, one of the most coveted areas of Marbella’s Golden Mile

Our property of the month April 2023 is a stunning modern luxury villa in Cascada de Camojan, one of the most coveted areas of Marbella’s Golden Mile

This luxurious high quality property is designed for modern living and adapted to the unique climate of southern Spain.

Welcome to a Mediterranean Luxury in a prime location

This incredible Villa is located within the exclusive ‘Cascada de Camoján Urbanization’, the most sought-after natural environment in Marbella, at the foot of the Sierra Blanca mountain and just five minutes away from the beach and the city center . Surrounded by a beautiful forest and native vegetation, the Villa enjoys spectacular panoramic views over the Mediterranean and the mountains from all points of the property. This privileged environment makes this villa a unique place to relax and unwind in a unique property. The plot comprises up to 3,000 m2 with two private gardens, one facing the amazing mountain with a ‘Putting Green’ to practice Golf and the other with sea views, a large heated pool and a large Jacuzzi in the Solarium with 360º panoramic views. Inside this exclusive Villa of more than 1,500 m2 built consists of 2 Halls, Winter and Summer Dining Room, Living Room, Main Kitchen and Service Kitchen, 2 Master Suites + 6 Suites and 1 Apartment for Service or Guests. The Villa can take advantage of a series of exclusive services of the owners of the ‘Cascada de Camoján’ Urbanization:

Maintenance and Gardening Services, 24-hour security surveillance with an entrance barrier and security cameras throughout the premises. Concierge services can also be provided 24 hours a day.


The popular residential urbanisation of Cascada de Camoján is located on the eastern side of La Concha mountain, just a few minutes from the centre of Marbella and the beach. Cascada de Camoján offers many green spaces and most of the elegant villas within the community enjoy privacy and wonderful views towards the coast and mountains. The properties in Cascada de Camoján are highly sought after by international clientele seeking privacy and tranquillity, while at the same time being close to the city, services and the beach; however, the demand for properties for sale has always been higher than the supply. On the edge of the urbanisation are two sophisticated apartment complexes; Imara, the most contemporary complex in Marbella and Condado de Sierra Blanca, offering beautiful apartments, beautiful communal gardens and stunning views.

The famous ‘Milla de Oro’, Marbella’s Golden Mile is probably the most sought after location on the Costa del Sol. The Golden Mile was the first established area with some of Marbella’s prominent families as well as wealthy families from all over Europe; since the 60s The Golden Mile is the most exclusive area in Marbella. Due to its close proximity to the city center and Puerto Banús, a choice of restaurants, amenities, the famous beach promenade with its charming chiringuitos and the famous hotels Marbella Club and Puente Romano the area is very popular with Spanish citizens looking for a holiday home as well as Northern Europeans; properties for sale in this area are quite limited, hence the demand has always been higher than the supply.

Moderne Luxus Villa in Marbella Golden Mile Meerblick Cascada de Camoján Sierra Blanca Garage 9 Cars – HN3374

Juan Carlos Tortosa architect responsible for Villa Camojan 55

In this installment, the architect Juan Carlos Tortosa highlights the unique location and natural enclave of the villa in Cascada de Camoján -one of the most prestigious urbanizations on Marbella’s Golden Mile-, as well as the fluid relationship between the interior spaces and exteriors. An impressive project in which the Vasari Group gave the architects almost total freedom to create a contemporary mansion with a strong connection to the surroundings.

This villa is located within the Cascada de Camojan urbanization. It is one of the most prestigious urbanizations in the area, not only in Marbella, but on the entire Costa del Sol.

There are several values that make it unique, especially the natural enclave in which it is located, the impressive views of the entire coast and then its proximity, both to the center of Marbella and to the Golden Mile, such as Puerto Banús.

It is, let’s say, a villa of the highest level, with large surfaces and then, from what I said before, from the site, the impressive place with the value of the natural enclave.

And that made this project very attractive for the whole team.

When we got here, when we received the commission, we got to see the plot, as there was practically a plot that had not been built. It was practically farmland and, except in the north zone, there were a series of trees on the bank of the stream and that have been maintained throughout the project.

And basically it’s like starting with a blank page, that is, it’s starting the project from scratch.

A constant, let’s say, that is maintained throughout the project and we have that in everything, in all points of the house, is that there is a very fluid relationship with the outside, that not only the outside is present inside the house, but in turn the transition from the interior to the exterior spaces is very natural, slow and without great drama.

At some points, you can see that there are plant elements inside the house, large windows, and that is basically what has been pursued throughout the project. The main handicap we had was the somewhat unusual proportions of this plot, which was very long.

So the project had to resolve this issue and in the end, well, I think it was achieved with the structuring of the spaces, with this large hall at the entrance, which allows the entire building to be articulated without giving the sensation of being a lengthened space, far from it, so I think that the initial handicap has been more than overcome with the project.

It was intended, then, to generate an important entrance at the level of the house itself, so from there that staircase, in turn, that staircase is also supported, or the idea is that it is supported on a stone wall, that this stone wall does a bit like the structure of the house and, in turn, gives it that proportionality that was intended from the beginning.

The sculpture is located in a courtyard. In a backyard but it is purposely located at that point so that it serves a bit as the entrance axis to the house.

The house starts from a central body, the vanishing point behind the large entrance hall is the sculpture.

That sculpture, let’s say, serves as a link between what is the visitor’s entrance to the house, and then later if you are inside the house, you can see through the dining room itself, the kitchen itself, a bit that is the point of attraction from the entrance.

The north volume, where the gym is, which is the slightly more significant volume due to its shape and others, since it has an important structure because it is a body that is completely blown up, so we had to put in a triangular structure, a metal structure and when the structure was already done, because the promoter asked why it couldn’t be seen and in the end, that’s what we did, that is, it was planned to be completely covered with stone and in the end you can see that there are some metallic elements that, let’s say, are part of the structure and it is something natural that has arisen along the way and I think that in the end, it has been interesting.

We start from the basis that we are dealing with a large contemporary villa, which had, let’s say, many indications that it could become a very cold villa, due to the dimensions and the type of architecture, so very warm materials have been used, especially travertine stone and wood.

That, then, contributes a little to make it more welcoming and apart from the fact that it integrates much better with everything that is the environment, apart from the issue of plant elements that are distributed throughout the house, the relationship with the terraces and others.

It has significant structural challenges, for example, the porches. If you realize, they are large porches, without pillars, all blown up, that is, it creates large spaces and well, on a structural level, what I was talking about before about the back body of the gym, which is completely blown up over the porch, has been quite important. , as in the porch that faces south.

Both on the ground floor and on the upper floor, the idea that was intended is an open plan, that there were no pillars, that the environment, as we see at the beginning, gets into what is the house itself and that there is a direct and fluid contact between the interior of the house and the exterior.

It is important in this type of villa to take care of the details and that the details are at the level of the type of house that we are working on.

Here, great care has been taken with the design of the ceilings, which is something unique, with the height of the skirting boards, a higher height than the standard, than normal, and the format of the floor, which is made of natural stone, large-format lever limestone.

The design of all the rooms, the wardrobe, for example, the carpentry goes from floor to ceiling, at a higher height than normal, everything a bit to be in line with this type of house that we want to build or, in this case, , which has been built and based a little on the demand of the market.

The north zone, the gym, for me is a fantastic point because it is a meeting between the environment, which we talked about before, you can see all of La Concha, the space is ideal.

Then, as a prelude to that gym, there is a vegetable element that is an olive tree that acts as a filter, to pause that contact with the outside a bit and, in turn, also serves as a point of attraction once you are in the gym. hall and you look to the north and see how the exterior becomes present inside the house. So I think that space is unique.

When we received the order, our client, the Vasari Group, gave us almost total freedom to do what we thought was convenient.

It is true that he always participates a little in everything, he collaborates with us, but the idea was basically to make a contemporary villa and maintain that relationship with the environment, that is, to make the environment present in all points of the house and I think that in the end that has been achieved.


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