REAL ESTATE – MARBELLA WOHNEN – The best luxury homes in Spain are in Marbella

REAL ESTATE – MARBELLA WOHNEN – The best luxury homes in Spain are in Marbella

The best luxury homes in Spain – with the best terraces? Look no further

When it comes to luxury homes in Spain, there are many factors to consider. Location, amenities, and aesthetic design are all essential elements that potential buyers look for when searching for their dream home.

However, modern luxury apartments have taken on new dimensions. The status terrace, a huge space that is an extension of the indoor living area, has become a must-have when investors are seeking luxury homes in Spain. Indeed, where once expansive terraces were considered an optional extra, nowadays they have taken centre stage and become the highlight of contemporary-designed properties.

Grand terraces are not new, of course. One of the strongest attractions to investing in penthouse properties has always been their large rooftop area. Luxury homes in Spain now offer expansive outdoor spaces on apartments at all floor levels, however, with owners benefitting from the extra living area an indoor/ outdoor terrace bestows.

Where to find the best luxury terrace in Spain

Some of the most exclusive luxury apartments are in major cities, such as Barcelona and Madrid. Large terraces in urban locations offer owners who live in built-up areas the chance to enjoy much-needed private outdoor space. With only public squares, beaches or gardens available to enjoy relaxing in good weather, a terrace is a welcome luxury indeed.

When it comes to luxurious apartments located in bustling urban centres like Madrid and Barcelona, there’s no denying that they offer some of the most exclusive and upscale housing options in Spain. However, for the ultimate terrace experience, The View Marbella’s apartments are in a class of their own.

Located on the southern coast of Spain, what sets Marbella’s exclusive properties apart is their unparalleled panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, Gibraltar, the Rif Mountains of Morocco and the surrounding countryside. It would be hard to find a more breathtaking view in Spain, or even the world, than that offered from the extraordinarily large terraces in this exclusive luxury development. The stunning panorama is simply unmatched, offering a bounty of scenic views that are truly awe-inspiring.

Visionary designers inspired by the panorama

The creators of The View Marbella had no interest in conforming to architectural trends when they first set foot on the plot of land situated in the foothills of Benahavís. Instead, they were immediately struck by the breathtaking panoramic views and understood precisely what the focus of their award-winning luxury apartment complex would be – to entirely focus on creating exceptional terraces that would do the spectacular views justice.

With such a unique panorama to showcase, they understood that the creation of magnificent terraces from which to revel in them was essential. As a result, The View offers residents an unparalleled level of luxury living in one of the most picturesque settings imaginable.

The vision of the architects was to deliver unique outsize apartments with terraces as exceptional as the view that they enjoyed. The finished design lives up to their dream, with a unique curved structure, including the visionary round apartments, which have become emblematic of the area.

Enjoy the expansive terrace – all year round

Of course, another unique benefit enjoyed by Marbella is its enviable climate due to its location on the south coast of Spain. Protected by the Sierra de las Nieves mountains, and with the iconic La Concha mountain providing a cinematic backdrop to the dazzling coastline laid out below, this privileged setting revels in a climate that is rivaled by few places in the world.

With an average of 320 days of sunshine a year, the views can be enjoyed all year round.

Imagine waking up in the morning, whatever the season, and stepping out onto a spacious terrace with a cup of coffee in hand, to be greeted by the sun shining and a breathtaking view of the coastline of Marbella, the Rif Mountains of Morocco and the iconic rock of Gibraltar in the distance. It’s a moment that takes your breath away, every single time.

With such an incredible setting, it’s no wonder that the terraces are the perfect spot for relaxation and contemplation. You can spend hours lounging on the terrace, soaking up the sun and enjoying the fresh breeze. It’s a serene and calming experience that can be designed to rejuvenate and recharge batteries.

But the large terraces at The View Marbella are not just a place for relaxation – they’re also perfect for hosting outdoor gatherings and entertaining guests. Imagine inviting friends and family over for a sunset cocktail party, with the stunning views as a backdrop. It’s an experience that will leave a lasting impression on everyone who attends. In other words, they are the best luxury homes in Spain.

Choose to enhance your luxury

The skills of the architects and designers have ensured that every sweep of the magnificent views has been maximized from the terraces of each apartment. The sinuous shapes of the development itself replicated the gentle curves of the shoreline and the surrounding scenery, while the famous indoor/outdoor living concept has been maximized to stunning effect. Outsize tiles paving the indoor living area continue to the terrace, while floor-to-ceiling windows draw back to blur the delineation between inside and out.

Once outside, why go back in, when you can make the most of your enviable views across Marbella’s famous Golf Valley to the sparkling Mediterranean beyond? The View Marbella makes comfortable outdoor living a reality, with carefully considered, generous areas of shade to move with the sun, either relaxing away from the heat of summer’s rays or sipping a sundowner enjoying the last of the day as the sun goes down over the sea.

Kitchens in our apartments are fully equipped with top-quality brands, of course. However, the option of adding an outdoor kitchen on the terrace means al fresco dining, either with family, or entertaining guests, becomes so much more convenient and convivial. Evenings under the stars spent with loved ones become priceless occasions, with the lights of Marbella and the yacht marina of Puerto Banús twinkling below – on a clear night, you can even see the lights of Africa on the distant shore. It’s a rare and enchanting treat to behold.

The stunning infinity pool in the apartment complex gardens may be enticing and surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens, however, you may not always feel like leaving your apartment to take a refreshing dip. The designers have thought of this too – opting for a pool or Jacuzzi on your spacious terrace is the ultimate in luxury, and an investment never to be regretted.

Each apartment boasts a truly remarkable terrace, set to impress even the most discerning of residents. Whether you’re in search of one of the unique circular properties or a more traditional layout, each offers a unique outdoor oasis that is perfectly suited for hosting guests, unwinding in the warmth of the Spanish sun, or simply basking in the breathtaking, ever-changing views that are guaranteed to leave you spellbound – views that never cease to captivate and inspire. And with the option to add amenities such as a private pool or outdoor kitchen, the outdoor living experience is truly unparalleled.

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