REAL ESTATE – MARBELLA – Buying an off-plan property in Spain?

REAL ESTATE – MARBELLA – Buying an off-plan property in Spain?

What are the benefits of buying an off-plan property in Spain?

When buying a property, whether you are looking for a villa, an apartment, or holiday home in La Costa del Sol, you are confronted with the decision of buying an existing property or an off-plan property. Buying off-plan simply means buying a house before its actually built. While this might sound strange, buying a new build can be a smart investment, especially in La Costa del Sol. In this blog, we will explain why buying off-plan is definitely the best option. Here are several benefits:

The great guarantee offered by the developers to make sure the final user enjoys all the promises of the project.

Warranties and taxation systems– Most new builds come with a warranty, which you don’t get with an existing home. There are additionally improved taxation systems when buying off-plan properties

You are able to secure a purchase below market value. The advantageous pre-release prices make this purchase a great investment from the very beginning.

Great capital growth can be attained – High profitability through rental.

Incentives – Some developers will throw in extras in order to get a sale. Some examples are covering the cost of carpets, paying your stamp duty and more.

Unpack and go – A new home can be compared to a blank canvas, with fresh tiling, paintwork, kitchens and bathrooms. This means that there should be very little work to do when arriving. You can simply unpack your belongings, lay it out how you wish and start enjoying your new home.

Modern living – Top-spec new builds have all the latest technology. Many offer open-plan layouts and smart home features. They are also in the eco-generation, meaning that the new development projects offer great environmental standards and efficiency.

Flexibility and freedom in design – When buying you may be able to have a say in the design. The builder may let you choose fittings and perhaps even the layout. You also have the freedom to choose the perfect typology and unit for you.

Low bills – New build homes have to comply with the latest building regulations. This means that they are far more energy-efficient than older properties. Data from Energy Performance Certificates indicate that over 80% of new homes have the highest A or B ratings.

Complete desired design – Low-density communities, on large plots with gardens, communal pools, great on-site facilities such as a gym and a SPA. New build properties also usually include a parking space, storage room, elevator, and alarms among other features. And of course, be the first for an innovative design!

At Marbella WOHNEN we have several developments all along la Costa del Sol that offer numerous luxurious services.

Talking with us before the purchase is for us one of the most important meetings and that, many times, with the rush and the illusion (understandable), many buyers overlook. That is where we must emphasize, and give the client, the real and future vision of his next acquisition, whatever it may be.

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