REAL ESTATES – MARBELLA – 10 Elements to consider before buying a second-hand home

REAL ESTATES – MARBELLA – 10 Elements to consider before buying a second-hand home

10 Elements to consider before buying a second-hand home

The interest aroused by second-hand homes among Spaniards has grown in recent months due to the price and better locations.

However, to become the owner of a second-hand home there are a number of factors that you must take into account before buying. These are small precautions that we must take before signing any real estate sales contract.

In this article, we indicate things that you should take into account before buying a second-hand home with guarantees and success.

Check the condition of the house

It seems logical to say so, but it is convenient that you review even the smallest detail of the property. If you can request the help of a technical architect, architect or someone who knows about infrastructure, much better.

Many times we see something that we like and we are blinded by that first impression. However, it is very likely that a second-hand property needs some kind of reform, no matter how small.

We recommend a detailed review of: cabinets, taps, windows, trims, doors or closures, among other aspects. Nor should you forget about pipes or everything related to the electrical system. In other words, turn on and off faucets and turn lights on and off in the house.

Check the exterior condition of the building

Not only is it important to check the interior of the house, but the state of the building seen from the outside will also help us make the right decision, since it will give you an idea of whether you are going to have to carry out any spills soon. Also, of course, ask the owner and the community manager.

Age of the building

Among the things to take into account before buying a second-hand home is its age. You can consult this information in the cadastre, where you will also find out what materials and construction systems were used.

Keep in mind that the older the floor, you may have to make a greater investment in later works or repairs.

Verify energy certification

New construction properties already have the corresponding energy certification by regulation, but a second-hand property often requires the adaptation of the home and this entails a reform and money.

That is why we recommend consulting the information on the energy situation of the property and if it has smart devices to improve energy consumption and savings.

Check the orientation of the house

The orientation of the second-hand house or apartment you intend to buy may be better or worse. Also, you should know that this factor directly influences the final price and, therefore, also the mortgage you request.

Go to the Land Registry

You can obtain the simple note on the home you want to buy to verify that the owner is really who he says he is and that there are no previous charges on the property that may surprise you later, as well as the exact data of the same.

Undoubtedly, this is an action worth taking to gain peace of mind before making the transaction.

Make sure the house is not currently rented

It seems too obvious advice, but the truth is that it is a fundamental step before thinking about buying any property. Logically, if it is, you must respect that previously signed rental contract.

Request a Nota Simple

The nota simple includes:

  • the number of millimeters of the property
  • if you have debts, liens or mortgages
  • cadastral references
  • ownership of the owner

This procedure is accessible to anyone, has a cost of 9 euros and can be done in person or online.

The cadastre

This procedure is free, you simply have to access the Cadastre Electronic Headquarters and enter the address of the property to obtain the certificate and compare it with the simple note, in case there are any discrepancies.

Consult the Town Hall

Another possibility to rule out any kind of surprise in the future is to approach the corresponding town hall to see if there is any open file on the property.

Too expensive? Really looking for the right home and having to know all the paperwork and things to consult is not an easy task. For this reason, if what you want is not to have worries, it is best to have the help of a Real Estate professional.

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