REAL ESTATES – MARBELLA WOHNEN – Spain is one of the preferred countries to spend a golden retirement

REAL ESTATES – MARBELLA WOHNEN – Spain is one of the preferred countries to spend a golden retirement

Spain is one of the preferred countries to spend a golden retirement

The golden retirement “The Costa del Sol”

Why so many people want to retire on the Costa del Sol

When thinking about retirement, we all visualize a relaxed life full of leisure. For this, many save throughout their lives through different investment vehicles. But, the reality is that this group is still a minority and in the face of a pension system in crisis, the possibility of stretching the amount as much as possible becomes increasingly necessary. Moving once the ‘golden age’ has arrived in search of a better quality of life is a possibility. But do you know which are the best places to retire?

Spain leads as the most popular destination for Britons retiring abroad, and is in contention with Germany for first place among retirees of other European nationalities. And for good reason: the climate is exceptional, it has a more relaxed pace of life, unrivaled transport links and a lower cost of living which means that happiness, social life, life expectancy and pension go further. than almost anywhere else.

How can Marbella WOHNEN help you

Locate the right home

The Costa del Sol covers a vast expanse, and there are so many areas suitable for retirees that it usually comes down to a matter of personal taste.

Marbella WOHNEN can put together a list of homes that suit your budget and preferences, organize a tour of these homes, and advise you on any new developments or opportunities on the market. Not sure if you want a villa, a townhouse or an apartment? Marbella WOHNEN can help you make the right decision to change your life.

Reliable legal advice

Due diligence should not be taken lightly. Horror stories have been heard in the past, but the market is remarkably much more transparent today. However, it is still important to seek professional and unbiased advice, and Marbella WOHNEN will support you every step of the way, from the moment you decide to buy until the day you are handed over the keys to your dream home in Spain.

Marbella WOHNEN recommends…

Professional advice from the best experts on the Costa del Sol in real estate, financial, legal and lifestyle matters

Our client and seller services teams can provide a wide range of information to clients buying or selling a property on the Costa del Sol. However, we always recommend that clients seek independent financial, legal and administrative advice when formalizing your purchase or sale.

To do this, we work with highly recommended, fully independent and qualified associates, partners and collaborators who provide unbiased advice on mortgages, foreign exchange, insurance and other key services.

When only the best is good enough, be sure to contact a professional recommended by Marbella WOHNEN

Comprehensive after-service

Once you have purchased your retirement home, Marbella WOHNEN can assist you with any home care needs, ensuring that your new life in the sun gets off to the best possible start.

Marbella WOHNEN, supported by recommended partners, offer advice on a variety of issues that you may have forgotten to consider, including electricity, water and gas registration, internet connection and telephone connection, a new key set, arranging car or content insurance quotes.. .and many other important things.

The Value of Experience

Being advised at all times and in all decisions related to the purchase gives you security. With a personal real estate agent buying your home is the right one and you will not have the worries and doubts if you are buying at a good price, if they are going to scam you or if you will suddenly find a surprise.

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