REAL ESTATES – MARBELLA – The Mansions of La Zagaleta – Marbella

REAL ESTATES – MARBELLA – The Mansions of La Zagaleta – Marbella


La Zagaleta, the safest and most exclusive urbanization in Europe

Welcome to the most luxurious urbanization in Europe!

La Zagaleta is the only place on the Costa del Sol shielded from the paparazzi. It is said that in 1994, Diana de Gales took refuge in this 900-hectare development, with a helipad, a wildlife reserve with deer, two 18-hole golf courses and a red carpet service, among other ‘deluxe’ amenities. The secrecy around this residential area in Benahavís (Málaga) is such that few can enter there.

The villas

This is one of the 240 villas in this paradise. Specifically, the property has 1,965 square meters distributed over three floors. It also has an elevator, heated pool, cinema and bar … The price of these exclusive properties ranges between 4 and 30 million.

La Zagaleta Country Club

La Zagaleta Country Club is controlled by the company La Zagaleta, which has 200 partners, headquartered in London and is listed on the Zurich Stock Exchange.

Half a dozen Spaniards

Although the secrecy is absolute when names of residents are asked, it is known that in the most luxurious urbanization in Europe there are barely half a dozen Spaniards.

Other urban legends

They say that Luis Miguel tried to live in La Zagaleta and they would not let him. That the inhabitants of the urbanization have the right to veto who may or may not be a neighbor, and that the criterion is to prevent it from being someone who could alter the privacy of a place where only the most important personalities of the world business world are known to live . People who can afford the high prices of houses in La Zagaleta.

There are rumors about this urbanization in Benahavís (Málaga) for all tastes. For example, Putin, Shakira or Los Beckhams were related to La Zagaleta. It’s false. “They have never been here,” says the spokesman.

They are all legends. No information has ever been leaked about this place, and this fuels all kinds of hoaxes. If it is true that when a land or house is sold, the solvency of the clients of the operation is investigated, as in any real estate transaction. Here, special emphasis is placed on whether the funds with which the house is purchased are lawful, legal and the origin of the money is absolutely transparent.

La zagaleta is a place forbidden to gangsters and even residents with unclear accounts

A discreet surveillance service patrols its streets 24 hours a day. At the entrance, visitors are asked for their ID. A sophisticated camera system prevents any type of unwanted incident. No one has tried to steal from this impregnable fort where deer, roe deer, rabbits and mouflon roam freely. Not in vain the land was once a hunting ground for Adnam Kashoggi, in which he installed his residence, the current Club House. He sold it when he needed cash because his business had stopped prospering.

The only certain thing is that no paparazzi has ever dared to try to cross its walls. Not even during the summer of 2018, when Georgina Rodríguez visited her as a guest. And it is that Zagaleta is considered the most luxurious and safe urbanization in Europe. It is home to Hans Snook, founder of Orange Telecom, Jürgen Bartels, former president of the Starwood Hotels chain, Lord Stanley Fink, former treasurer of the British Conservative Party and Silicon Valley guru David Heinemeier Hansson. The promoters estimate that the average of the fortunes of the inhabitants of this urbanization multiplied by ten the value of their villas.

The most luxurious urbanization in Europe is in Benahavís (Malaga) it was founded in 1991

This luxurious urbanization was founded in 1991 on land located between Malaga and Ronda, in the municipality of Benahavís. The ideologist of the operation was Enriquez Pérez Flores, today honorary president of the company, who leads the business together with several of his relatives. His initial project was to build 4,000 homes on the 900 hectares of this Eden. Pérez Flores decided to turn the initial plan 180 degrees, and only 420 were built. In this way, a low construction density was guaranteed. The houses are surrounded by lush vegetation and have unparalleled views of the Mediterranean, Africa, Gibraltar, the mountains and two golf courses of 18 holes each.

These are the prices of the houses in La Zagaleta

There are currently more than 240 homes with a total area of 3,000 and 10,000 m2. The prices of the houses in La Zagaleta range between 4 and 30 million euros. There are different options. It offers the possibility of acquiring the land to build, or villas already built by the urbanization itself to move into, which are equipped to suit the buyer. In that case we would be talking about prices around 4 million euros with the latest advances in home automation. They are homes to reside in, they are not rented.

Sustainability, calm and easy access to any need or whim

The leisure offer is wide. It has an equestrian center with 23 stables and 4 courts, tennis courts, heliport, and most importantly, a service menu for residents tailored to any need: from personal shopper to transport by land, sea and air, and be it by car, yacht, private plane or helicopter.

If any of the inhabitants of these luxurious chalets want to organize private parties, they only have to resort to the services of the urbanization to have chefs with several Michelin stars, professional bartenders, mobile kitchens, decoration and even the hiring of high-level artists .

La Zagaleta Service includes a team of 120 multilingual professionals who are in charge of attending to all the needs of Clients, from the organization of leisure activities to private drivers, laundry, domestic cleaning and house maintenance service, babysitters, secretary and even butlers.

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