INVESTMENT – MARBELLA – Reasons to invest in housing in Spain in 2022

INVESTMENT – MARBELLA – Reasons to invest in housing in Spain in 2022

Reasons to invest in housing in Spain in 2022

The current situation, with the reactivation of the economy and the real estate market once again registering figures similar to those of before the pandemic, appears as a great moment in which to bet on the sale of homes in Spain in 2022.

We tell you the keys that will mark this 2022.

Good time to buy

It is forecast that growth in the period 2022-2025 could be consolidated and would cause a growth in the volume of home sales, since it could be more than 550,000 units.

Simultaneously, the demand profile has been evolving since last year. New implementations such as confinement have caused housing to become the epicenter of the life of the family nucleus.

Protection against a period of high inflation

Investors, when buying now, will benefit from the contained prices and because investing in a period of very low inflation will be seen as a protection against a panorama of high inflation in the coming years, according to experts. A real estate investment is a guarantee that investors will maintain the value of their savings. This is the best alternative to keeping money in a savings or financial investment account.

Easy access to finance

Access to financing also accompanies the improvement in real estate investments this year and next year. Buying a home usually requires external financing, the cost of which today is very low. For example, mortgage credit remains at low levels, which are already historical. This situation facilitates the financing of purchase operations at really competitive prices compared to recent years.

The future is in efficiency

With the arrival of European funds, at the public level, significant liquidity will be allocated to the renovation of homes in favor of energy efficiency, which will also promote purchase and reform.

In summary, at this moment we are in an ideal situation for real estate investment, with different factors aligned.

If you are thinking of making a real estate investment, you should know that this is the best time to do it. But, real estate investment, like everything else in life, must be carried out by Real Estate experts.

How to stay up to date on real estate investment?

As with anything, the magic formula doesn’t exist. But the best way is to find out about real estate investments and nothing better than contacting us.

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