Preventive maintenance in apartments and houses

The preventive maintenance in apartments and houses must be the order of the day. You can already have a beautiful accommodation in the center of the city or on the beachfront, which if the air conditioning does not work or there are electricity problems, one will be left with these failures.

We believe that good preventive maintenance is one of the best options to offer accommodation that meets the expectations created. Therefore, below we are going to analyze the essential preventive maintenance in an apartment or a house.

The first phase of a good preventive maintenance project is to make an inventory of the areas that we have to analyze. Furniture, electrical installation, heating or air conditioning, plumbing, cleaning… There are many aspects that we have to take into account to have an apartment in optimal conditions.

When we talk about preventive maintenance of the electrical installation, we are referring to checking that all the sockets, lamps and, in general, the electrical panel work correctly. In addition, it will be necessary to replace those parts that begin to have failures and may present some deterioration.

Regarding the plumbing installations, in the bathroom we must verify that everything works correctly. Pay special attention to the rubber washers on the faucets, they deteriorate easily.

As for household appliances, pay attention to washing machines, heaters, refrigerators and extractor hoods. These devices are the most used by people and it is recommended to check and clean them carefully.

A single contact person

Contact us, and we will take care of sending you the necessary professionals to carry out the repair work


If any repair is not carried out correctly, we will always be there to provide a solution. All our repairs are guaranteed.


Our coverage allows us to have professionals from all trades: locksmiths, plumbers, electricians…

Corrective maintenance service

Corrective maintenance is carried out to repair what breaks down due to daily use.

Depending on the client’s needs, they can be one-off jobs, that is, when there is a breakdown and a repair is needed or be carried out by mixing specific needs with scheduled tasks.

These types of services cover all types of work related to what breaks down from daily use. Electrical breakdowns, changing or replacing lights, light bulbs, hinges and door handles, taps, bathroom cisterns,… repairs that can happen any day and at any time.

Full maintenance service

At Marbella WOHNEN we offer a complete, agile and effective service for maintenance. Marbella WOHNEN solves problems so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We have a highly qualified team to solve any type of problem or inconvenience that occurs within the property. Plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, carpenters, glassware, doors, floors, cleaning tasks…

The first impression is always in the memory, so if you want to make people feel at home, from the first moment you must find a clean apartment, with all the comforts and where everything works correctly.

Forget repairs in your apartments! Keep yourself as the first day, counting on our professionalism and responsibility.

Most demanded maintenance in apartments and houses

  • cleaning
  • Generalplumbing repairs
  • Electricity repairs
  • Opening of doors due to forgotten keys
  • Replacement of locks
  • Replacement of bulbs, spotlights and lamps
  • carpentry repairs
  • Painted ceilings and walls
  • wallpaper placement
  • Works and reforms

If you are interested in any of our services, or need any other, we will do our best to assist you