REAL ESTATE – The number of women in the construction sector in Spain increases by 17%

REAL ESTATE – The number of women in the construction sector in Spain increases by 17%

The number of women in the construction sector in Spain increases by 17%

Women workers in the housing sector have increased their presence by 17% in the last year according to data from a Madrid-based construction company and promoter. However, women dedicated to construction still do not exceed 10% compared to 90% of men

The Index Group has detected an increase in interest in training and working within the construction company. In fact, currently the two most relevant positions in the company are headed by women between 35 and 45 years old.

Inmaculada Palomo, Technical Director director of Grupo Index explains, “for 6 years the positions of responsibility of technical and project management, and director of economic management have been occupied by two highly prepared women. Not only do we carry out all the technical work of the more than 6 urban developments that are currently underway, but there is also a great experience in Grupo Index as well as recognition from all the companions of the companies ”.

In fact, among the entire workforce of the construction company, 53% are women, a figure that reflects a change in the trend of a sector that, despite everything, still has a lot to evolve.

The sector is undergoing a transformation that despite being slow is changing the foundations of a market that has now become more demanding with companies. “You can see that when it comes to selling the houses, buyers take into account many factors that were not really valued before, such as sustainability and gender equality,” explains the technical director.

According to data collected by the constructora, in 2019 alone 16% more women were trained in the construction sector, a total of more than 5,000 women. This data coincides with symptoms of recovery in a sector in which more is charged than in services and care sector jobs, two sectors traditionally linked to women

“It has also been detected that the interest of women in the construction sector is linked to stability, to a higher salary than in other traditionally female sectors and to the possibility of making a career within construction companies”, explains the person in charge .

Women in positions of construction responsibility

There are currently 106,400 women employed in construction, representing 9% of the total. Within the sector: 10,000 belong to civil engineering, 45,000 to building construction and 51,500 to specialized construction.

Where the presence of women is also growing within the sector is in the so-called positions of responsibility. Cases such as that of Inmaculada Palomo as technical and project director or an economic management position such as Candela Bustamante Hernández, or for example that of Belén González Palacios, who is responsible for the technical office.

“It is important that companies expand job offers such as training so that more women can access the sector and thus break with gender stereotypes that are limiting their access to jobs in construction. There is a lot of interest, although the difference is high between men and women, it is a sector that offers many job opportunities to women ”, explains Inmaculada Palomo.

Another data that reveals the change in trend and the transformation that is underway within the sector is the age difference. In fact, the brick sector is considered to be aging. The average age of men in the sector ranges between 45 and 54 years, while the incorporation of women to the sector is between 35 and 44 years.

“The evolution of women in the construction sector in Spain is positive but very slow. The gender gap continues to be so wide that there is still a long way to go to speak in terms of equality ”.

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