MARBELLA – Tradition and customs in a Holy Week

MARBELLA – Tradition and customs in a Holy Week

Tradition and customs in a Holy Week

Las Mantillas

One of the oldest and most unique traditions of Holy Week in Andalusia are the Mantillas, women dressed in mourning and combing the procession. This show of respect is an ornament for the hair (comb), which is covered with a lace mantle.

La Saeta

La Saeta is synonymous with Holy Week, is the most significant expression of this era. It is a totally religious cante that takes place during the days of Passion. It is a cante full of feeling that is aimed directly at the carving. If you come to see the Holy Week you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy one of the most exciting and beautiful moments of the processions

Incense and wax

The incense is a very characteristic sample that indicates that we are in Holy Week. On the other hand the wax that tells us is that the procession has already passed since it is very usual to find the youngest of the house behind the penitents picking up the wax that is melting from the candles and making great balls with it.

Desserts and sweets

Many are the traditions that accompany the Passion Week, but the sweetest is the one that is linked to the pastry. And it is at this time is when they make sweets as typical as the torrijas that are toast bathed in milk and honey, battered and then fried. The delicious pestiños and buñuelos are also very typical. Exquisite!

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