REAL ESTATE – MARBELLA – Valuation of property in Spain

REAL ESTATE – MARBELLA – Valuation of property in Spain

Valuation of property in Spain

A market-oriented property valuation in Spain requires a solid market database in addition to a high level of expertise on the part of the property expert. Our efforts should not only bring our customers the greatest possible benefit, but also lead to a market value that comes close to the reality of the real estate market. The valuation of real estate, such as houses, apartments or land in Spain is a difficult thing and requires a high level of expertise.

Real estate valuations assess the condition of a property with a trained eye and determine the property value, market value as part of a property appraisal. For this purpose, the property is thoroughly put to the test and the individual characteristics such as location, size and equipment are evaluated. Finally, the current market situation is included in the calculation of the property value by taking into account the sales data of comparable properties, among other things.

Our main areas of activity for property appraisal are the city of Marbella and the Costa del Sol region. Our services are the creation of real estate valuations and appraisals.

What is your property worth in Spain? We evaluate your property

Professional, clear and understandable

Find out the objective property value and more about the current market situation on the Costa del Sol – Marbella to determine the right price

The success of the sale depends not least on a realistic price. Our market value calculation is based on current market analyzes and recognized valuation methods. It helps you to determine the price for your property in line with the market. With the right market value, your property sells much faster.

Only a professional appraisal of the property will provide the real price

Thanks to our many years of experience in the real estate sector and our special knowledge of the Marbella real estate market and the real estate market in the surrounding regions of Estepona and Mijas Costa, our individual valuation is the key to your success.

Due to our extensive list of interested parties, we are able to broker many of the properties directly to our registered potential buyers. This guarantees you as the owner a short marketing time.

We at Marbella WOHNEN are real estate experts in Marbella and know that every property is special and that the owner cares about it. That is why our services are so individual and personal. We are by your side, right from the start. Avoid false expectations, let us determine the value of your property professionally and then start selling at the right price. Get free advice.

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On what occasion is the valuation of a property worthwhile?

A property appraisal can be important on various occasions:

  • for real estate sales
  • to determine the value in the context of a builder dispute
  • to determine the mortgage lending value for a bank
  • to extend a mortgage
  • as a basis for valuation when buying real estate

What valuation methods are there?

The market value of a property can be determined using three methods:

We use the comparative value method

  • Comparative value method: In the comparative value method, the market value is determined by using comparative prices for properties of the same type at the same point in time. Properties are most frequently valued using the comparative value method. It can be used both for the appraisal of a house and for the appraisal of a condominium or property. In the case of commercial real estate or rented properties, the capitalized earnings method is used more often.

Which documents are necessary to calculate the market value?

Regardless of the property-specific inventory and evaluation of individual features, the following documents are regularly taken into account or required when determining the market value:

  • Floor plans, sections, construction plans
  • Land register extract
  • Site plan and land map
  • Building description
  • Calculation of living space
  • Energy certificate
  • In addition, if you own an apartment:
  • Declaration of division
  • Economic plan
  • House charge settlement
  • Minutes of the last 3 owners’ meetings

Free market valuation for your property in Spain

Would you like to have the market value estimated free of charge and without obligation before the sale? No problem: We at Marbella WOHNEN Immobilien appraise your property and determine its current value. This gives you a realistic assessment of the sales price that can be achieved on site at your location.

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