REAL ESTATE – INVESTMENT – MARBELLA – Why should you buy a home in 2021?

REAL ESTATE – INVESTMENT – MARBELLA – Why should you buy a home in 2021?

Why should you buy a home in 2021?

The first months of the year are decisive for making certain decisions. In addition to setting the typical objectives such as doing more sports, eating a healthier diet and taking a new course, we suggest you add one more to the list, the purchase of a home.

As experts in the real estate sector, we are going to tell you the reasons to buy a home in 2021. Without a doubt, one of the best years to do it.

Homes with terrace or garden

If there is something that changed in our lives in 2020 and it seems that it will continue like this for part of 2021, it is that we have to spend more time at home. This situation has made us notice the shortcomings that our home may have.

Many people have realized that their home lacks a garden or terrace that allows them to enjoy the outdoors. Therefore, aspects that previously seemed irrelevant to us are now vital to our quality of life.


The introduction of teleworking in many companies has helped us to move wherever we want, as long as we have a good internet connection.

In this way, we can buy a house where we have always dreamed of. For example: in the periphery where prices are more affordable, in the mountains to disconnect from everything or in a beautiful town.

Interest rates on mortgages

If you are thinking of buying a home and you do not know whether to do it now or wait, we can assure you that the interest rates on mortgages have never been so low. You can get 1% or 1.5% mortgages, something that before the pandemic was very difficult to see.

Housing a refugee value

The truth is that those who have savings will be able to invest it in buying a home since it continues to be one of the best investments that exist.

Advantages of hiring an expert Real Estate agent

If you are thinking about buying the house you have always wanted, but you still have doubts about whether to do it alone or with the help of an expert, we give you some tips:

  • An expert in buying real estate will visit the homes for you.
  • He will review the hidden vices and that everything is done correctly.
  • He will negotiate the price with the owner solely and exclusively looking at your interests as a buyer.
  • He will review the documentation.
  • He will advise you which is the best area to buy.
  • He shows you 100% of the market offer.
  • And, most importantly, it will be your eyes and your ears throughout the real estate transaction.

If you want to buy a home, do not worry about anything, Contact us

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