INVESTMENT – MARBELLA – Can a property investment improve my retirement savings?

INVESTMENT – MARBELLA – Can a property investment improve my retirement savings?

Can a property investment improve my retirement savings?

We live in moments of uncertainty created by the coronavirus crisis that has brought with it a health, economic and social system crisis in general.

To this must be added that the pandemic has intensified the debate on the sustainability of the pension system in Spain.

For this reason, today more than ever, it is necessary to plan in advance the private savings that complement the future public pension. Outside of pension plans and other products designed for retirement, the home becomes a safe haven once again.

But is investing in real estate a good option for retirement?

Am I assured of retirement?

As no one knows the future and predicting it is rather difficult, let us on our part find out how to try to ensure a retirement in case they come badly in the future.

Advantages of real estate investment:

A safer investment

We must consider that property is less prone to short-term speculation than pension funds.

It is a flexible investment

We can use it as a long-term investment in which you can sell your property in the end with a considerable capital gain. It can be used as a medium-term investment in which with the rentals you can obtain a monthly income.

Investment opportunity for all budgets

It can be bought from a local, a home, a house, office or building, there are properties for all budgets. The areas, the age and characteristics of the property influence the price.

It is a tangible good

It is an investment alternative on a good that can be seen and is real and that given the situation you can always have, use it as a home, rent, rent partially, for days, months or years.

For retirement

It is a good alternative of income for retirement, at the same time that the property ends up revaluing, it provides a monthly income without making large expenses.

They are assets that your children can inherit

When buying a property, whether you use it for rent, resale or your own home, it becomes part of your wealth, in this way you not only ensure your future, but also that of your family, by leaving them an inheritable heritage which can obtain investment through rent or have a stable place to live.

You earn money and time

Today time is considered a very precious and scarce non-tangible asset, therefore if you choose to start a real estate business make sure you have the support and advice of a serious and responsible company.

Ultimately, these are the benefits of an investment in real estate as a complement to retirement. Therefore,

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