REAL ESTATE – How long can the process of buying a home in Marbella – Spain take?

REAL ESTATE – How long can the process of buying a home in Marbella – Spain take?

How long can the process of buying a home in Spain take?


It is difficult to establish an average time to buy a home, since it depends on a multitude of factors, such as the preferences of the buyer and the difficulty of the process.

The study of the real estate portal Fotocasa titled “Experience in buying and selling” offers some information:

  • 17% of Spaniards who bought a house in the last year took less than two months,
  • 22% spent between six months and one year,
  • 18% took between one and two years to acquire a home.

To buy a home and make the purchase in the shortest possible time there are many factors to consider.

At Marbella WOHNEN Immobilien we would like to explain in detail which ones are, so that you save time, money and worries.

Choose a home to suit you

To buy a home in the shortest possible time, you have to be clear about some factors:

  • The location of the house (if we want it in the center, on the outskirts, with services nearby …)
  • The characteristics (number of rooms, distribution, interior or exterior …)
  • The price. Before starting to look for a home we have to be clear about what our budget is and what economic sacrifices you are willing to assume.

Contact a professional

When making an economic transaction of such magnitude, it is best to have experts in the acquisition of real estate. For this, the best option is to have an expert like Marbella WOHNEN Immobilien.

Relying on a real estate expert is very useful. We know the real estate market like nobody else, since we are specialists in the areas in which we work.

We know the market prices of each property and we inspect each home and each neighborhood.

In addition, we visit the homes for you and we do not show you a single home until we find those that really fit your needs.

And, we negotiate the price of the home of your dreams.

We save you time, money and worry.

New or second-hand property?

Before launching to buy a home, you have to be clear if you want a new or second-hand home.

The price varies between both options and this is something that must be considered in order to carry out the economic study.

Check if the house is free of charges
If you are going to buy a second-hand home, an essential requirement is to know if it is free of charges. Ask for a simple note in the Land Registry. In it you will check if the house is free of urban and mortgage charges, among other things.

You must also request the deeds of the house and the certification that you are up to date with the payment of the IBI (Real Estate Tax).

Although everything is fine, there are other fees that can make purchasing difficult. The upcoming spills at the community of owners. It is best to ask the property manager if everything is OK.

The mortgage

Finally, you have to choose the right mortgage. To choose the mortgage that best suits you, you have to look at certain aspects:

  • The interest rate: fixed or variable.
  • If you have commissions.
  • The maximum term to return the credit.
  • If the conditions of the loan can be improved if you contract some additional product, such as home, life insurance or pension plans.

Since we know how complicated it is to buy a home, we from Marbella WOHNEN Immobilien, help you with all the procedures to carry out the real estate transaction with all the guarantees, saving you many worries.

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