REAL EATATE – The importance of the “nota simple” when buying a home in Spain

REAL EATATE – The importance of the “nota simple” when buying a home in Spain

The importance of the “nota simple” when buying a home in Spain

During the home buying process, numerous documents have to be validated and one of the most important is the “nota simple” that serves to validate that the property has all the legal permits and to see the legal reality of it.

Below we detail everything you need to know about the “nota simple”, what is its validity, what information it provides, how to request it and its price.

What is the nota simple?

The nota simple is a document issued by the Property Registry that informs about who is the owner of the property, the associated charges or encumbrances and if it has any type of limitation in its use.

It is a merely informative document, but it is important to request it before proceeding with the purchase of a property to save us many headaches in the future.

Helpful information you provide

Its content offers information related to the legal situation of the house that allows to know the legal status of the same. The data reflected in the simple note of a home are:

  • Ownership: specific to the owner or owners of the property, the type of right (joint ownership, bare ownership or usufruct), percentage of participation and type of title by which the right was obtained (deed or sale).
  • Loads: data referring to the possible loads of a property. They are used, above all, so that the embargo suffered by a house or the mortgage contracted in its day does not fall on the new owner. So that they are not your responsibility once you acquire the property, carefully review all the information associated with the charges of a home.
  • Description: they define the characteristics of the property, which include the useful and built surface and its address. It is also established if the farm has any special regime.
  • Identification: The properties consist of specific numbers that are used to achieve their corresponding identification. Those that appear in the simple note are the cadastral reference number and the Identifier.

Requirements to order it

  • Name of the owner of the property.
  • Full address.
  • Registered property number.
  • Volume, book and folio number.
  • ID of the holder.
  • Name of possible additional owners.
  • Cadastral reference.
  • Surface and boundaries.

How to order the nota simple?

The nota simple can be ordered personally from the land registry “Price 3.50 euros, although due to the health crisis it is best to order it online. For this, they have made an APP that is available for both Android and IOS by accessing the web where you can request this document. And its price is usually 9 euros although it may vary.

As you have seen, the Nota Simple is a document of great value when buying a home. However, when buying a home it is not the only thing we have to look at

For this reason, if you really want to find the home of your dreams and not have headaches, it is best that you hire an expert in real estate purchases who will do all the steps for you.

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