REAL ESTAES – MARBELLA – The rise of luxury homes

REAL ESTAES – MARBELLA – The rise of luxury homes

The rise of luxury homes

The pandemic has changed many things in our lives, including the real estate sector. But at least it has remained unchanged: the percentage of foreigners in the luxury home market has continued to rise. More and more millionaires return to bet on luxury homes in Spain, especially in Malaga and the Balearic Islands.

Why this boom in luxury homes?

The pandemic has brought a change in mentality. We have spent countless hours at home and that has caused many people to realize the deficiencies that their homes had. If we add the telework boom, we have the perfect tandem so that many people with high positions in companies can work from anywhere in the world and value more luxury homes in luxury cities.

Malaga is one of the best provinces to bet on a luxury home

Malaga has always been a destination chosen by foreigners both for tourism and for acquiring second homes. What is the main reason? It would be impossible to say a single reason. Spain is the combination of good weather, heart-stopping landscapes and a wide cultural background.

In addition to the low profitability of having the money stored in the bank, that is, without making any type of investment with it.

The best places in southern Spain to buy luxury homes


It is one of the most interesting cities for large investors in luxury homes due to its exceptional location and the warmest climate in all of Europe. The real estate market offers very competitive prices in high-end properties in addition to an important profitability. The greatest demand is focused on penthouses, apartments with large terraces and new construction properties with high standards, with home automation, high security, quality and sustainability. As for the area, the districts of La Milla de Oro (The Golden Mile), La Zagaleta, Los Flamingos, Sierra Blanca and Centro de Marbella are some of the most sought after. Its exceptional location and climate, its architectural attractions, a festive and fashionable environment, the sun and the beach make Marbella a place chosen for its quality of life and well-being.


Malaga has never stopped being fashionable, but after the enhancement of its historic center and the ambition of its urban expansion plans, it has once again claimed itself as one of the great Spanish capitals. Or maybe we should say worldwide.

For this reason, the luxury home buyer wants to invest or buy in one of the cities with the greatest expansion in Spain.

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