REAL ESTATE – MARBELLA WOHNEN – EVENT – LIFESTYLE – Porsche Center Marbella presents the new Porsche Taycan Eléctro

REAL ESTATE – MARBELLA WOHNEN – EVENT – LIFESTYLE – Porsche Center Marbella presents the new Porsche Taycan Eléctro


The brand’s first 100% electric model

The official presentation of the new Porsche Taycan electro brought together more than a hundred guests a few days ago in Marbella.

The event took place at the Porsche Center Marbella in Puerto Banus.

More than 100 attendees gathered on Thursday, May 21, 2024 at 7:00 p.m., at an exclusive event organized by the Centro Porsche Marbella dealership for the presentation of the brand’s latest model: the Taycan, the first 100% Porsche. electric.

This event, which took place at the fantastic Porsche Center Marbella, brought together businessmen from the area, representatives and exclusive clients of the dealership. In a different and special way, this event united the excitement about sports electromobility and the fascinating world of mentalism.

The event began around 8 p.m., with the reception of the guests, where the car was located, and where the play of lights and shadows created an atmosphere of prior expectation. 

A staging very typical of the brand, in which it was accompanied by a cocktail throughout the event.

At 8:00 p.m., Leonardo Landinez, the Porsche Pro of the Centro Porsche Marbella dealership, began the presentation with a speech of thanks to the attendees and showed his enthusiasm with the news of the new model Taycan Electro. He highlighted the most important features of the Taycan and the challenges that the creation of this new model has entailed.   Next, surprised with the power of the mind along with a presentation by Javier Luxor, internationally recognized as one of the best corporate mentalists in the world, an expert in non-verbal communication, persuasion and suggestion. Finally, the event ended with access to the vehicle. It was the best moment of the night, because at that moment the attendees were able to approach, get into the car and see first-hand the interior and exterior equipment, its electric charger that opens with the push of a button (as well as its trunk). and many more details.

This model includes new features and very significant advantages in an electric car: up to 450 km of autonomy (with WLTP combined autonomy), 2 permanent magnet synchronous motors, high-performance 800-volt battery, Porsche Recovery Management… All this combined with a Highly equipped interior, with 16.8-inch curved screen and 2-speed gearbox (exclusive Porsche patent).

Driving a Porsche Taycan is a unique experience, not only because of its innovative technology, but also because of the synergy between sustainability and the enjoyment of driving a sports car. And society is increasingly aware of caring for the environment and using renewable energy sources that allow us to reduce pollution.

With vehicles like these, Porsche is one step ahead in sustainability. An example of this is providing chargers to be able to charge your Taycan at home. In addition, all Porsche centers will have Turbo Chargers starting in September. Before the end of the year, it is planned to have 7 charging points in the 7 main cities of Spain.

Likewise, highlight the Porsche brand project in forming agreements with the main automotive companies, with the aim of expediting the installation of electric stations.

From the organization of the Porsche Center Marbella, they are very satisfied with the success of the event, where attendees were very excited about the Taycan. A new beginning, a new era of electric mobility.

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