REAL ESTATES – Don’t make mistakes when buying a home in Spain in 2021

REAL ESTATES – Don’t make mistakes when buying a home in Spain in 2021

Don’t make mistakes when buying a home in 2021

There are some mistakes that property buyers make time and time again. They are easy to avoid but cost a lot of money.

Buying a home is one of the great moments in a person’s life. It fills us with excitement and excitement. However, it is a high outlay that makes it inevitable that the purchase has to be made carefully and all the advantages and disadvantages have to be assessed.

Many people make the purchase alone, encountering unpleasant situations during the real estate transaction. Doubts regarding the documentation, the negotiation with the seller, whether the house is in perfect condition … will increase your stress level and may affect the purchase.

As professional experts in buying and selling houses, we want to give you some tips so that the real estate transaction goes smoothly.

Don’t buy a home you can’t afford

Buying a home that you cannot afford can have consequences that you carry throughout your life. Before acquiring a property you should ask yourself if the disbursement that you are going to make falls within your budgetary possibilities. Ideally, the fees should not be more than 25% -30% of the net salary you earn.

Always ask a professional for help

As we have said before, facing the purchase of a home alone is a very serious mistake, since to move in this sector, you have to know well the ins and outs of the real estate market, to know if a home is in optimal conditions to be able to live in her and not have any scare afterwards.

Don’t accept any mortgage

Before signing a mortgage with the bank, read the fine print carefully, as it can mark the rest of your life. Read well the conditions of the mortgage and how it will affect you over the years.

Expenses must be taken into account

In addition to the disbursement of the house, you must have other expenses derived from the purchase: notary, agency, deeds, if the house is going to need a reform, the IBI … Mark your budget taking into account all these variables, since these circumstances make that you can afford one home or another.

“ERROR” Failed to check the condition of the house

When one makes a purchase alone and is not accompanied by a professional who only looks after his interests as a buyer, one of the biggest ERRORS in the long term is committed, not inspecting the home in detail.

You may love the house, you have fallen in love, but how is that house? It’s not worth just looking to see if the paint, windows, and floors are okay. We must go further.

The best thing is to carry out a Technical Inspection of the Property to confirm that everything is in order.

Without a doubt, if you want to buy a property, our recommendation is that you do it with an expert to help you buy, it is best to hire the services of a Professional Real Estate Agent. The only expert who really thinks about your interests as a buyer:

  • He will do the home visits for you.
  • He will tell you that you can buy according to your budget.
  • He will do a comprehensive study of the home.
  • He will review the documentation so there are no surprises.
  • They will get you the mortgage with the best conditions so that it is not a burden throughout your life.
  • And, most importantly, it will accompany you throughout the stressful purchasing process.


Think about your future, a home is the most important economic investment in your life. Make no mistake when buying.

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