LIFESTYLE – The Royal Saudi family visits Marbella in its two mega yachts

LIFESTYLE – The Royal Saudi family visits Marbella in its two mega yachts

The Royal Saudi family visits Marbella in its two mega yachts


(SOURCE INFORMATION) The Real Saudí family is located in Marbella. His arrival, although it has been disguised, it is not possible to hide in the marina of Puerto Banús the two megayachts: ‘Shaf London’ and ‘Lady Haya’, which like other years have arrived after Ramadan.

On the dock of honor of this emblematic marina of Marbella, in front of the luxurious hotel of the uncle of the Syrian president, Bashar al Asad, highlights the ‘Shaf London’, a yacht of 53 meters in length, with 13 cabins, which King Salmán acquired in 1991 when he was already a regular on the Costa del Sol. There he arrived in the 70s with his brother the late King Fahd, both moved by the recommendations of the arms dealer of Turkish descent Adnan Khashoggi, whose father was a doctor of the Saudi royal family and uncle of Dodi Al-Fayed.

The ‘Shaft London’ is a ship of the Saudi Arabian Prince and Defense Minister Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, who is a follower of Marbella.

Next to this mega-yacht is another upper, the ‘Lady Haya’, with the flag of the Cayman Islands. It is a stunning 64-meter ship owned by the late King Fahd and currently owned by the Saudi royal family. This yacht can accommodate up to 20 guests, has a “beach club” at the stern of 100 square meters and a heliport; Six luxury suites for guests (the main suite measures 50 square meters), a kitchen of 50 square meters and the swing gate turns into a terrace on the sea.
For some time now, the Saudi royal family no longer officially arrives in Marbella every summer because they prefer Tangier and their private beach in Jbila. This benefited the then President Felipe González, who sold them a 5,000 square meter plot in 2013. The Arabs expanded their summer complex. But the truth is that they’ve never strayed from Spain and continue to return to the Costa del Sol every summer, albeit much smaller than they did then.

As every time they visit the Costa del Sol, the Saudi royal family and their entourage live in the villa in one of the typical hills of Marbella. There is the Mar-Mar Palace, which is open all year. This is the only one with an official urban design qualification for the Royal Palace in Marbella. The facade is a marble reproduction of the White House, the fixtures are made of gold and there are many luxury villas, swimming pools, a heliport, a small hospital and a mosque. In 2002 it was reformed with an approximate investment of 108 million euros.

Their purchases and expenses are known to the people of Marbella, and although they may seem like urban legends, they are not. Legends such as these have patisseries like Goyo, who are depleting their supplies when serving the palace of King Fahd, Mar-Mar. They have exhausted the lamb population in the city of Marbella, and every time they come they renew their fleet of luxury Mercedes models. His allegiance remains only in five-star hotels and his private parties at Olivia Valere’s nightclub are famous; and in the Nao Pool Club, the Valere’s son is managed on the site of the former home of the doctor of the Shah of Persia: Reza Phalavi. They have also managed to open El Corte Inglés in Puerto Banús exclusively for them. The widow of King Fahd, Jawhara al-Ibrahim, is a regular at the Marbella Golden Mile stores.

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